COVID-19 Procedures (9 April 2021)

New legislation

The Government introduced new laws, effective Thursday, 24 September 2020, to try and tackle the rise in COVID-19 infections.

We are now required to close the club and ensure that all customers have left by 22:00 every night.

All purchases made by members in the club must be ordered using Table Service Procedures.

At any time that customers are not seated for drinking or eating they must wear a face covering while inside the clubhouse. This means that they must worn when entering the club, when leaving the club premises and any time a customer vacates his seat, including going to and from the toilets.

Please do not wander unnecessarily around the Club because if you do so then you must wear a mask.  If you want to play darts or pool this is permitted but all players must wear a face covering whilst doing so.

It is now Law that these requirements are to be followed.


Refusal to wear a mask can result in a minimum fine of £200 per individual and £10,000 to the club.

On entering the Clubhouse

On entering the Club premises:-

  • stop and sign in at the table located immediately on the left

  • enter the details requested on the sign in sheet

  • use the hand sanitizer provided

  • DO NOT go to the bar to order your drinks - you will not be served

  • Find an empty table and then remain seated - the Government "rule of six" applies


A member of the Club Staff will come to your table to take your drinks order - please be patient if the club is busy.


Table Service

Your drinks will be brought to your table. 


Please place your payment in the container provided; your change will be brought to you.

The new Table Service requirements replace those previously issued relating to the procedure for ordering drinks etc.  Other COVID-19 procedures remain in force. 


Stay safe. 


Please maintain the Social Distancing requirements at all times!